8 Unsolved Mysteries of The World...

They are mysteries which are left behind humans even though we are technical advanced.these are few Mysteries that are unsolved till date.

8.Voynich Manuscript

This is unique book in the library of Yale University

Speciality  of this is that none know how this has came to that library.The script in that does not belong to any language on this earth known to man.this book consists of 240 pages and every page has pictures of some plants.

It was known to belong from 14th century by carbon dating.

Many beleives that book belongs to aliens and they had writen about their plants and how to make medicines from them...

7.Green Children of WoolPit:

         In a village called Woolpit fro England belonging to 12th century a brother and sister appeared all of sudden their skin color is green in color
they ate only beaf and nothing else

They used to speak some strange language.Boy from them died after some days.
Girl left behind slowly learnt to speak english.

She said that they came from a place called land of St.Martin and all are in green in colour there.

Strange thing in that is land of St.Martin is no where on this Earth.

6.Overturn Bridge:

  Speciality of this small bridge is that  many dogs have committed suicide here from 1950.

At present 5 dogs every 6 months commits suicide.Jumping from a single place on this bridge.

what would you think is link between this bridge and suicide of dogs?

5.Taos Hum

In a place named Taos of New Mexico a sound like that of a generator far away is being heard from hundred of years

US Government has even appointed a research team to find out where abouts of that sound.

But that sound is not being detected on any recording device or microphone.

Thus that humming sound is still left behind as a mystery.

4.Sailing Stones

In the Death Valley park of California Travels Kilometers by themselves.

They Weigh about 300 to 400 kilograms.

What would you think is possible reason for these stones to move by themselves

3. WoW Signal

When Jerry Ehman was into astronautic researches in 1977 he got a signal for 72 seconds.

this Signal has come from sagittarius constellation which is 120 light years from earth (1 light year =9 lakh crore kms).

It is been 40 years since this signal has come but nobody could decode that signal till date.

2.SS Ourang Medan Disaster

Two Ships were travelling in the sea between signapore and Malaysia in 1947.

The Radio signal operators of those received a help message from another ship.

That Telegram message said that all including the captain of that ship had died.

It said he too was dying and wanted to help him.

These two ships rushed immediately to that location of that ship.All in that ship had died , but nobody had even a small injury.

Fire had immediately caught in that ship cargo then immediately ship got blasted and drowned.

How did they all died and what exactly happened to that ship is still remained as a mystery.

1.Stone Henge

This stone Construction was started in 3100B.C  and done for  2500 years in 4 stages.

In first Stage They dug holes to them.After 1000 years they brought stones from 240 miles distances and filled in that holes.

Speciality in this is that Wheel was not Invented by then.
How did they brought such heavy stones from that long?

They arranged some more stones after 500 years.

and they finished finally after 500 years in the final stage.

 Who built these for so many years and what is purpose behind it is still left out as a mystery.

These are few Mysteries for you .If you are more interested we will post few other in our next post.

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