What is Super Computer

What is Super Computer :

Super Computer are not normal computers as we thought.These Computers are made for the most sensible and future based needs such as Artificial Intelligence,Brain Mapping,weather Forecast,
Explaining our Origin ,Medical And Military Requirements.
Some of them may have different conceptions on this Super computers  which may vary from one to another. lets try to simplify what is Super Computer.

first Super computer was made on 7th December 1960 with the Atlas at the University of Manchester and a series of computers at Control Data  Corporation designed by Seymour Cray.

How do they look like:

Since they are made up of huge complex algorithms they may look like Mega Structures .
These computers have speed of petaflop(1pf = 1 quadrillion floating points per second).
The most powerful super Computers today have speed of 93pf.
They required thousands of processors for processing single operation simultaneously.
They require huge power for working and to cool these computers we require lot of millions of dollars.

Countries Leading in Super Computer's production:




These are many other countries who had Super Computers .some of them are India,Germany,Saudi Arabia and etc..

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