PaveGen - Generation of Electricity through Footsteps

PaveGen :(Generation of Electricity through Footsteps)

Today  the world is facing huge power Scarcity because  were generating electricity through non renewable resources.So , the world is trying for alternative sources.

Here comes the solution in the form of the technology called as PaveGen.


Pavegen was developed by  Laurence kembell Cook.Who was the founder and CEO of the company.

Pavegen is the company which has developing paving slabs to generate energy from the foot steps into electrical power.

Working principle :

Pavegen tile is the device which works on the principle of the "Piezo Electric Effect".

Piezo Electric effect:

The piezoelectric effect refers to a change in electric polarization that is produced in certain materials when they are subjected to mechanical stresses. This stress-dependent change in polarization manifests as a measurable potential difference across the material. Referred to as the direct piezoelectric effect, this phenomenon is observable in many naturally available crystalline materials, including quartz, Rochelle salt, and even human bone. Engineered materials, such as lithium niobate and lead zirconate titanate (PZT), exhibit a more pronounced piezoelectric effect.

An important feature to note about this phenomenon is that the process is reversible. The inverse piezoelectric effect refers to a deformation of these materials that results from the application of an electric field. The deformation could lead to either tensile or compressive strains and stresses in the material depending upon the direction of the electric field, the preferred direction of polarization in the material ,  and how the material is connected to other adjacent structures.

According to Pavegen each step of a human can create an energy which is enough for a led lamp to glow for 30 seconds.


  • we can reduce approximately 6.817 tons of C02 every day , emissions into atmosphere
  • If  this technology gets success then we can supply power to grids
  • Its is completely renewable & Eco-friendly Technology 

Future scope:


In coming Future we can be  able to generate electric power through our footsteps by using Pavegen Technology.
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