Micro USB (USB 2.0) vs TYPE C (USB 3.1) Which One is Better?

Micro USB (USB 2.0) vs TYPE C (USB 3.1)  Which One is Better  ?

As we know that most of the charging port of our Mobiles are Micro USB(USB 2.0) but most of the Users prefers Type C (USB 3.1). The advantages of TYPE C over Micro USB are explained in detail below.



  • Reversibility :  TYPE C  has reversibility option so no need to worry about breakage of port and damaging of the pin  since we can keep the USB pin into the charging port in both the directions . This Option is Missing in Micro USB(2.0).

  • Durability : The Lifetime of TYPE C is more than MICRO USB. we can use TYPE C for more than 10000 times but the lifetime of Micro USB is just 5000-7000 times

  • Speed : Micro USB supports USB 2.0 .USB 2.0 can transfer  Maximum 480 bits/sec or 60 MB/sec practically we can transfer 25 MB/sec only. whereas TYPE C supports USB 3.1. USB 3.1 can transfer 5 GB/sec which is 10 times faster than Micro USB.

  • Power delivery : TYPE C can delivery power up to 100 watts. so we can use these USB for Laptops, Printers and etc. whereas MICRO USB can't.

So, guys these are few Advantages of TYPE C over Micro USB. I think these information helps you thanks for Reading.

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